I am a young up and coming London based artist and designer, studying Product and Industrial design at Central Saint Martins. While my design work is progressing, I’v taken time to revisit where it all began.

Painting has always been a passion of mine and a perfect place for me to escape into my own crazy world. However, over the past few years I noticed I had slowly drifted away from this passion as my design work had taken over. So I am here to bring it back but this time publicly. I hope my work can bring joy, spark curiosity and inspire others, as I believe in a more care-free, inspirational world where creative minds work together. The unspoken power of a piece of art is incredible, it can set the mood and provide the energy for any given space.

During my time studying, I have seen myself develop into an artist and designer, but I am still on my creative journey. Despite having come a long way, and achieving things I’m proud of, I am ready for more. Since showcasing more of my work recently, I have found it fascinating how everyone relates to a piece of work in their own meaningful way. The artwork I currently create is bespoke and unique, for anyone and everyone. Many things inspire me in life, particularly nature, animals, colours, shapes, textures and even moods. I relish being outdoors and meeting new people meanwhile keeping active as I think these are important ways to relax your body and flourish a creative mind. I typically tend to paint with mixed media, often watercolour and acrylics but I am interested in trying out more explorative and unusual ways of applying paint, while also looking into textured surfaces in the near future.

Being an artist/designer was not always an option for me, as I assume the same for many other young individuals out there. Unfortunately during my time at school, I was never made aware of the endless opportunities and future careers within the creative industry, or the fact not every job revolves around an academic frame. ’Art’ to majority of people I was surrounded by was for fun; an easy subject and considered a waste of time… Im saddened to admit that I truly believed that, and did not know any better until only a few years ago, thanks to Central Saint Martins. My time at CSM has shown me the importance of design and how it shapes our every day lives. I quickly realised a designer’s impact could be far greater than a trend of a fad, but actually have the ability to help create a cleaner, healthier, happier world for everyone to enjoy. CSM has helped me grow into a more independent artist who will fight for what I want. To believe in myself, whilst listen to others and always remain undefeated. Being immersed with a multi-disciplinary University with such diverse creative talent, I’m now lucky enough to be in an environment where no idea is disregarded.